Road Trip Hacks

So over the past two weeks, I have gone on two rather extensive road trips. The first to Nashville, Tennessee with two of my closest friends.  The second to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with my family. 

While road trips are probably my favorite way to vacation,  they can be exhausting.  I, therefore, have compiled a list of ways to make any road trip better.

1. Celebrate the little things. Have a cheer for when you make it within 100 miles of your destination, or when you cross a state line. While this may sound a little childish,  it totally worked for me and my two friends.

2.  Excellent soundtracks are essential. This one is pretty obvious.  Make sure there is variety: love songs,  ballads, stupid songs that just make you laugh. Roll down the windows and sing out loud!

Something else that goes along with soundtracks is try out books on tape. My family discovered this a few years ago when we took a six week camping trip. This meant a ton of driving. Listening to books allows you to be transported out of the car you’re stuck in. It also adds another voice because if you’re on a road trip, you are with the few same people for a crazy long time. It’s good to get some variety.

3. Make other drivers smile. My one friend plays a game with herself. She sees how many other drivers she can get to wave at her. If she can get a trucker to honk at her, that’s a bonus! Not only did this make our trip better (we couldn’t help laughing at her antics), it made other drivers happy too.

4. Windows down! Obviously.


What makes your road trips better?

Happy trails!