Recently I have been pretty quite on this blog. I haven’t posted much and there are two main reasons:

  1. School. (Self explanatory.)
  2. My new blog, Books, Coffee, and Pizzawill be coming out on Wednesday,
    September 30, 2015.

Woohoo! Champagne! Sparklers!photo-1431608660976-4fe5bcc2112c

I am so excited about this one. I have been working for a long time on this one and my adviser, who is helping me out with this, and I are looking forward to releasing it.

This blog will be all about college and my thoughts on it. I will be covering everything that is important to college students, from relationships to academics to careers. And, although it is about college, my hope is that everyone will enjoy reading it. I hope that college students will identify, high school students will aspire, and adults remember.

I will be posting on Books, Coffee, and Pizza every Wednesday, so keep your eyes open for the posts!

I hope you all enjoy!



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