More Than Music

Something that I think the modern Church gets wrong is worship. Most people think of worship as the music time in a church service. The leader gets up, you sing a few songs, a few people get emotional,  and then everyone sits down.

Worship is so much more than that. Worship is a lifestyle of servitude and gratitude to God. Yes, music is important, and I wholly believe that God loves it when we praise His name in song. It’s one way that many people, including me, connect to God and feel His Spirit.

My problem with the way we talk about music starts when friends tell me that they don’t think they are good Christians because they don’t connect with the music like the people around them during Church. They don’t feel comfortable or lead to praise Jesus by belting out notes or raising their hands. This is the kind of limited worship that I have a problem with.

Limiting worship to song is putting both God and His followers into boxes. It places God in a box and says that He can only speak to and connect with His children through song, and it places Christians into boxes and says that we can only commune with our Father through song. This ignores that God mad each of us a unique and interesting person,  and He therefore connects with each person uniquely, and each person will therefore worship Him in a different way.

If you are good with numbers,  be an honest business man. If you love building homes or furniture, let God guide your fingers to create the best work you possibly can. If you love talking with people,  minister to others in the name of the Lord. All of these things are worship if you do them with your heart in the right place: directed to God.

Worship is so much more than music. It is a lifestyle, and I believe that it can be a powerful one if we let it. Today, as you go about your seemingly mundane tasks, invite the Holy Spirit to show Himself to you. When He does, praise Him for his faithfulness and love.


One thought on “More Than Music

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Our entire lives are to be worship to God. When we begin to see that washing dishes, cleaning the litter box, answering the phone, and driving are all opportunities to worship God, it changes things!


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